Neoprene binocular strap “Sport”

Allows binoculars to be carried without swinging

Leica Tragegurt Sport Chocolate Brown Leica Tragegurt Sport Juicy Orange Leica Tragegurt Sport Pitch Black Leica Tragegurt Sport Racing Green

Ingeniously designed

The ingeniously designed “Sport” belt allows binoculars to be carried without swinging when walking or climbing and simultaneously offers fast access to the binoculars whenever and wherever they are needed. The binoculars are automatically drawn back into the right carrying position when not in use. The Neoprene material is soft, particularly comfortable on bare skin, and the belt can be adjusted to any suitable length.

Nome Numero d'ordine
Leica Neoprene binocular strap “Sport” – pitch black - 42056
Leica Neoprene binocular strap “Sport” - chocolate brown - 42057
Leica Neoprene binocular strap “Sport” - juicy orange - 42058
Leica Neoprene binocular strap “Sport” - racing green - 42059