Wojtek Wieteska - Travelling

We invite you to the premiere show of the newest collage of works by Wojtek Wieteska untitled „Travelling”. The project consists of a photo-show, movie projection and a catalogue under the same titles.

“Travelling” is a story about two kinds of love: love of a photographer to photography and his love to a mysterious blond named Agni (it means: “fire”). The relationship between the Photographer and Agni lasted almost a year. Their union was wrapped day after day with photography. As a result, a personal series of photographs was created and captured in a convention of contemporary fairy-tale.

The Artist relates:

From 25th of September 2016 to 4th of September 2017 I had a beautiful and intriguing romantic relationship. […] During that time I made my most intimate and bright project named “Travelling”. […] I wanted to tell about what was happening between us, where was it and how we saw it. Together, because Agni was by my side, behind me or in front of the camera when I was photographing

[Quotes from DOC! Photo Magazine. December/February 2017/2018. Volume 07. Part of an essay by Wojtek Wieteska entitled “A Photograph is a Love Letter”]

photo: Wojtek Wieteska, Travelling

“Travelling” holds in yet another story – the one about the process of selection from few thousands of photographs and arranging own narration out of them. That is the reason why the show itself has a clear form and strictly planned scenography concept. “Travelling” consists of: an exhibition, mute move projection (with live music) and custom-size catalogue.

Photo show at Leica 6×7 Gallery has unusual arrangement. Pictures are composed in diptychs and triptychs and printed on stripes oriented horizontally and vertically. Their sizes are 40 on 250 centimeters with black and with white background. The stripes are hang without frames. The base here is an ultra-lustrous photo-paper (with a surface almost like a mirror), which gives the very realistic feeling while watching the photographs. The intimate atmosphere is build up with light effects.

„Travelling” movie premiere will take place on 5th of December 2017 at Atlantic Movie Theatre in Warsaw. The film is circa 20 minutes long and is a composition of still photos and moving images. The integral element of the movie is life music composed and performed by Ryszard Łochowski and Wit Apostolakis. I invited young musicians with bass and oboe to create sound spaces, because this kind of unusual tones are compatible with the atmosphere of my photographs – said Wojtek Wieteska.

After the projection there will be a discussion with the participation of the audience, led by Artur Wolski (Atlantic Movie Theater). Wojtek Wieteska invites also: Rafał Łochowski (curator and producer from Leica 6×7 Gallery) and Grzegorz Jechna, who is therapist and hypnotherapist.

The discussion will be a development of three questions:

How to fly in life, without losing ground under your feet (without taking your feet off the ground)? (Grzegorz Jechna)

How to photograph emotions and feelings? (Wojtek Wieteska)

How to show it all and produce an exhibition? (Rafał Łochowski)

photo: Wojtek Wieteska, Travelling


Wojtek Wieteska, „Travelling”
Movie projection: 5.12.2017, godz. 19:00 (Atlantic – registration: http://bit.ly/2zjrfQv)
Opening:7.12.2017  (Thursday), 7:00PM
Duration:8.12.2017 – 4.02.2018
Admission free

Acompaninig programme:
9.12 (Saturday), 4 PM, Guided tour by Wojtek Wieteska (Gallery 6×7, 2nd floor)
8.01.2018 (Monday), 6.30 PM, „Travelling”: movie projection and discussion (Mysia 3, 3rd floor)
22.01.2018 (Monday), 6.30 PM, „Travelling”: movie projection and discussion (Mysia 3, 3rd floor)
28.01.2018 (Sunday), 12AM-6PM, Tree-channel projection with motive of „travelling”, (Mysia 3, 3rd floor)

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10AM-8PM, Sundays 12AM-6PM
Leica 6×7 Gallery Warsaw, Mysia 3 Street, II 


07/12/2017 - 04/02/2017
Gallery Warsaw