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Issue 5/2020

A summer by the Black Sea – after 25 years, Suzan Pektaş returned to Bulgaria, the country of her childhood. Join the photographer as she travelled down memory lane, through the Black Sea region. Our homage to the New York photographer, Sheila Metzner, reveals her exquisitely beautiful pictures, which will be on display at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin as of October.
In addition, the latest issue of LFI includes: a monochrome reportage from the nineties, where Joseph Rodríguez documented the daily lives of the families of gangsters in Los Angeles; Juan Cristobal Cobos’s story about car-free, Sunday mornings, in the Colombian capital of Bogotá; and Diane Betties’ fashion shoot in a charming old apartment in Athens.

In the technical part of the issue, you can find out more about the new Leica D-Lux 7, the new Huawei P40 Pro, and heavy, matt papers in the second part of our fine-art papers series.

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For my photography work, I’m mainly interested in daily life and ordinary situations. I like to wander the streets and watch how people live.
Tytus Grodzicki

In his recently published book, ‘Deglet Nour’, the Polish photographer Tytus Grodzicki takes us on a journey of rediscovery throughout Algeria – a country he lived in as a young adolescent. Three decades later, he returned to the North African country, photographing the current situation there with his Leica.


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