Siamo lieti di fornirvi complete informazioni utili alla comprensione di Leica Camera AG. Qui trovate informazioni che riguardano la Direzione e il Consiglio di Amministrazione.

Consiglio di amministrazione

Matthias Harsch (CEO)

As Chief Executive Officer at Leica Camera AG since 1 September 2017, Matthias Harsch holds responsibility for the Sales & Retail, Marketing & Communications, Digital, Product Division Photo and Business Development.

Dr. Marita Paasch (COO)

Dr. Marita Paasch has been a member of the Management Board since 1 June 2018 and is responsible for the areas Operations, Research & Development, Procurement, Customer Care and Supply Chain Management.

Ronald Marcel Peters (CFO)

Ronald Marcel Peters, responsible as Management Board member since 1 April 2012 for the areas of Controlling, Finance, Legal & Compliance, HR, IT and Facility Management, has many years of experience in controlling and management in the areas of Finance and IT as well as the optical industry.

Consiglio di Sorveglianza

Consiglio di Sorveglianza

Il Consiglio di Sorveglianza è composto dal Dr. Andreas Kaufmann (Presidente), Patrick Thomas, Dr. Frank Holzer, e Dr. Axel Herberg, oltre ai rappresentanti dei dipendenti Gundula Schütze e Edgar Zimmermann.